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Selacia is a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers. Author of a number of books, she wrote Your Guide to Earth’s Pivotal Years and writes an annual guide to the coming year.

Earth's Pivotal Years, by SelaciaBenefit from her regular articles, books, and teachings offered to a worldwide audience. Discover why right now is so extraordinary, and why this is the most important time you could live on the Earth. Understand your unique role as a Divine Changemaker, and how you can fulfill your life's purpose. Read her book Earth’s Pivotal Years.

You can make a quantum leap of awakening during this most precious human life. This potential applies to you, whether you are new to these concepts or a seasoned spiritual practitioner. Discover this potential for your own life through the writing, transformational tools, and healing sessions available through this website.

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Empress Needs New Clothes

Empress Needs New Clothes

Have you ever felt like your outer expression doesn't match your new vision of yourself and how you want to serve as a divine changemaker?


Embody Your Passion - Prepare for Your Change in the World

For any of you feeling ready to make a big change in your life - whether it's your work or on a more personal level.

Key Interview Takeaways

  • Get inspired and resourced on a practical level for taking your own leaps.
  • Receive clarity on how to follow your passion and live your soul’s purpose.
  • Understand key tools needed to prepare for your change in the world.
  • Learn how Selacia navigated unknowns, took risks, and connected with key people and situations pivotal to her manifesting abundant blessings that changed the course of her life.

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Divine Changemakers - Your Cosmic Self & You

Divine Changemakers - Your Cosmic Self & You

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Divine Changemakers - Resilience & Self-Awareness in Crisis

Divine Changemakers - Resilience & Self-Awareness in Crisis

Details & Registrations

Divine Changemakers - Embody Your Passion

Divine Changemakers - Embody Your Passion

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Divine Changemakers Practicum 1: Embody Your Passion

Divine Changemakers Practicum 1: Embody Your Passion

Week Long Practicum - Start Anytime

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Sessions with Selacia

Selacia is available for Virtual Private Sessions

via Zoom, Phone, Whatsapp, Skype

Private sessions to address life issues and DNA patterns, understand how you are impacted by energy cycles, and have foresight about your future potentials.

All of us have patterns in our DNA related to conditioning. Some of that is this life, even early on inside our mother's womb, as we internalized feelings and attitudes of our caregivers. Beyond that, we have DNA-related patterns stemming from our ancestors, past lives, in-between-life soul agreements, and the mass consciousness.

When this conditioning is addressed at a DNA level, a deep transformation occurs - for you personally and for your ancestors - even for humanity at large, for when we clear our own issues that also exist in the mass consciousness, we help to heal and elevate humanity. Healing of our ancestors and humanity expands the healing to a quantum level - helping us to be of service to past generations and humanity-at-large. As more of us do this, we accelerate the process of creating a more compassionate and loving world.

During the 2020s, many very old wounds will be arising within us. We may not be conscious to them, but they are there. It's part of the cleansing and mega transformation occurring so we can shift how we live together on the Earth. During healing sessions, these ancient wounds often arise, and when they do, they can be cleared. This helps you on a quantum multi-generational level.

The DNA sessions go beyond clearing DNA patterns. Oftentimes a challenging relationship or business dynamic can be so troublesome, with so much emotional distress, that it's difficult on your own to see the whole picture or detect nuances and connected themes in your life. In those cases, a neutral expert like Selacia can help you connect the dots, have breakthroughs, and begin to resolve things.

To get started, order a DNA session and email Selacia for details/scheduling.

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